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Information About Ashura: What is Ashura.

Muslims and Jews both remember the day when Allah saved Musa (Moses), peace be upon him and his people in the Red Sea from the clutches of Pharaoh.
This day bears the name of 'Ashura' , which means (in Hebrew and Arabic) "tenth day".
All religious celebrations in Islam aim to recall an important event that gives us many and beneficial teachings, which increase our belief. The aim of the merriment in Islam is not simply to make a celebration but that believers gain knowledge from past examples.
When the Prophet Muhammad, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam, came to Medina as emigrants, he ordered his followers to fast the day of' Ashura ', and informed them that whoever fasted that day (in faith and to please Allah) will forgive all minor sins committed in the previous year.
According to Islamic tradition, the 10th of the month of Muharram is a day appointed in the process of creation.
· The day when Allah created His Throne;
· The day when Allah created His footstool;
· The day when Allah created his table;
· The day when Allah created His Pen;
· The day when Allah created the angel Gabriel and all His angels;
· On the day that Allah created the heavens;
· The day when Allah created the stars;
· The day when Allah created the earth.
· It is also a day set in the cycle of prophecy:
· It is the day when Allah created Prophet Adam;
· The day Adam came down to earth;
· The day in which Allah forgave Adam and again opened the doors of His Paradise;
· The day Jonah was released from the belly of the whale;
· The day that Noah's Ark came ashore;
· The day when Abraham was rescued from the fire;
· The day that Allah forgave David;
· The day Allah gave Solomon the realms of the visible and invisible;
· The day Allah healed the wounds of Job;
· The day that Moses crossed the Red Sea;
· The day that Idris was raised alive to Heaven;
· The day that Jesus was raised to heaven;
· The Day of Ashura the first rain fell upon the earth;
· It was the day of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein in Karbala
· It must be the day the world ends.
Therefore, this day is considered one of the most memorable year in which the prophets were released, surpassing the trials to which they were subjected. The Day of Ashura is conducive to forgiveness and repentance day.

The story of 'Ashura
Muslims should have fear of Allah and draw lessons from what Allah has told us in the Noble Qur'an regarding the Prophets and Messengers of Allah and the previous nations.
Allah says: {Verily, in the stories [of the Prophets] there is a lesson for men of sound judgment. It is [the Qur'an] a tale invented, but a confirmation of what was revealed before, and is a detailed explanation of all things and guidance and mercy for the believers.} [Quran 12:111]
And among the stories that Allah has told us about in His Book, is what happened in the month of Allah, the holy month of Muharram, and is the story of Prophet Musa (Moses), peace be upon him, and Pharaoh, the tyrant of Egypt. Allah the Almighty said: {You We narrated part of the true story of Moses and Pharaoh, [benefiting] who believe. Certainly the Pharaoh was a tyrant on earth. Divided its people into classes and enslaved a group of them [the Children of Israel], killing their sons and sparing women, and certainly that was a spoiler. And wanted grace to those who were enslaved in the Earth and convert them into exemplary leaders and successors. We gave them power over the land [of ancient Syria and Egypt], and did Pharaoh, Haman and their hosts saw [come true] what they feared.} [Quran 28:3-6]

Pharaoh dominated the people of Israel and enslaved them, killing their newborn sons and sparing women. The reason I committed this criminal act was the fear that the truth came to light through one of these newborns. The people of Israel knew, according to what was communicated to them by the Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), peace be upon him, that someone of his lineage would destroy the king of Egypt. This good news was famous among them and became known to Pharaoh. Then he ordered his soldiers to kill all infants of Israel, so keep children safe from destruction.
However, all precautions taken were not sufficient to protect what Allah wanted, which was that this newborn baby to be brought up in the house of Pharaoh himself. The Will of Allah can not be stopped by any precautions, and His Power conquers anything. So, Allah decided that the Prophet Musa was born safe, that got rid of being killed and also was raised in Pharaoh's own home, under the protection of Allah until he was an adult.

Later, Musa, peace be upon him, accidentally killed one of the people of Pharaoh. Then, he was afraid of being caught and killed by this, so I fled to the land of Midian. He lived there for some time, he married and returned to Egypt. On the way back, Allah will speak (by revelation) and he said that he was a Prophet and Messenger to Pharaoh. Allah gave him many signs by which would be recognized as the Prophet of Allah.

Musa, peace be upon him, went to Pharaoh and showed him the signs of Allah, but Pharaoh was arrogant and proud. : Allah says {We narrate [O Muhammad] the story of Moses: When his Lord called him in the sacred valley of Tua [and he said] Go to Pharaoh, it has exceeded, and say, Is not you want to purify? Then, I'll show you the path of your Lord to be so pious. And he showed the greatest miracle [the staff that became a snake and hand out white and glowing after having entered by the collar of his robe]. But the Pharaoh denied and disobeyed. Then he turned his back and continued corrupting the Earth. And called [his army] and cried. I am your supreme Lord} [Quran 79:15-24]

Pharaoh claimed that the signs brought Musa, peace be upon him, were just magic and magicians he had to surpass the magic of Musa. Then the magicians of Pharaoh met his kingdom and presented their magic. Musa, peace be upon him, provided the signals that Allah had given him.
Allah says: {And you disclose to Moses: 'Throw your stick, and void what they did. And the truth is revealed and so they had made ​​vain [because it was only an illusion]. And there were losers [magicians] and were humiliated. And the magicians fell down [to perceive the truth]. Said. Believe in the Lord of the Universe, the Lord of Moses and Aaron} [Quran 7:118-122]
At that time, Pharaoh decided to try a different plan, involving fear, force and vengeance. Allah ordered Musa, peace be upon him, to take out all believers in Egypt and take them where Allah show you. Pharaoh gathered his army, which was composed of about one million soldiers, according to some references, and chased Moses and his people hoping to completely destroy them. Musa, may Allah be pleased with him, came to the sea, with Pharaoh and his army behind him. Believers were afraid because the sea was in front of them and the enemy behind.
Allah says: {And when the two bodies saw the followers of Moses exclaimed: We will be achieved! Said [Moses]: No, we will not reach! For my Lord is with me and He will indicate me [what to do to save].} [Quran 26:61-62]

Allah never abandons to him who is near to Allah ordered Musa, peace be upon him, to strike the sea with his staff. He did so and the sea opened for them to cross. Allah says: {We ordain Moses [saying]: by night with My servants, and opens [for My will] the sea leaving a path of land [where they can escape from Pharaoh and his hosts], and fear that be overtaken nor drowning.} [Quran 20:77]

Musa, peace be upon him, walked along the path that had opened in the sea along with his people to reach the other side, then, all Pharaoh's soldiers also began to cross. At that time, Allah ordered the sea to collapse upon them, drowning Pharaoh and his army.
That was the victory of truth over falsehood. Allah's prophecy came true: He gave the victory to the people of Musa, peace be upon him, upon Pharaoh and his army. From this story, we can see how the truth always comes out victorious despite the power you may have or appear falsehood. Falsehood has its limited time, but the truth is always victorious.

This story should enrich the hearts of believers and give strength to his enemies, no matter how strong they may seem. The believer should also benefit from this history to understand that the people of falsehood holds that they are on the right track and are calling people to the truth. In fact, it is exactly the opposite: they are relying on lies and deception .
This great event-the victory that Allah gave to Musa, peace be upon him, and the believers over Pharaoh and his army, occurred the 10th of the holy month of Muharram, and that day is called 'Ashura. This is a day that has great merit. The Prophet Musa, peace be upon him, fasted on that day and ordered his people to fast.

Also, we benefit from the story of Prophet Musa, peace be upon him, learning that it is Sunnah of the Prophets thank and glorify Allah in times of peace and when victory over enemies is obtained. The Prophet Musa, peace be upon him, fasted on the 10th, the day that Allah gave victory to his followers on Pharaoh, and this is another sign that the truth will always overcome falsehood.

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